31 juillet 2017 at 20 h 23 min Bangui


This project aims at enhancing the capacities of vulnerable youth, youth leaders and key community stakeholders to become actors of peace, preventing conflict and promoting reconciliation and social cohesion in their community.

Recognising the prevalence of youth-led violence in CAR, and the widespread manipulation of marginalized young people by influent political and security stakeholders, the goal of the project is to prevent high risk atrocities between Muslims and Christians in PK5 and volatile neighboring communities. This goal is supported by three specific objectives:

  1. Youth in the neighborhood of PK5, Yakité, Fatima and Miskine are deterred from participating in atrocities.  
  2. Targeted youth from PK5, Yakité, Fatima and Miskine resist political manipulation to commit violence.
  3. Alternative livelihood activities for at-risk youth are promoted, diverting them from violence and manipulation.

Activities contributing to SO3

A3.1: Youth Trainings in Entrepreneurship and Vocational Trainings: To provide youth participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to create local opportunities as entrepreneurs, SFCG will work in collaboration with the Foundation “I dreamed I am not Alone” to identify the professional needs and expectations of youth in the target zones. According to the results of this assessment, SFCG and its local partners will orientate the participants towards two different types of trainings. The first one, developed in collaboration with Foundation “I dreamed I am Not Alone”, will provide target youth with training in financial literacy, business management and entrepreneurship to empower them to develop small-scale livelihood activities, enabling them to divert from necessity-driven violence. SFCG and Foundation I Dreamed will then collaborate with small-scale traders and tradesman in each community to identify their needs and ensure that young participants in the trainings develop the skills and techniques to fill these needs. As a result, youth will be equipped to develop youth-led joint economic initiatives and to join local enterprises in their communities. The trainings will increase shared interest and capacities to improve livelihoods at the community level, and will contribute to preventing youth vulnerability to political manipulation and violence.

Outputs: 30 youth (15 youth per targeted neighborhoods) trained in financial literacy, business management and entrepreneurship.  

FATBE                                                 DIS2

Photos: Distribution of training kits to the thirty (30) youth with the presence of  Mr Mathew Cassette, chief deputy of Unites stats of America embassy in Bangui, and Miss Jullian Christina, political affaire.

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