Zainab Djiwo Mansary


This frail woman with a sensitive heart Zainab Djiwo Mansary speaks little and loves solitude, chooses her dating with caution as if the space around her was only threats. The explanation for this caution? An unconventional course with a complex childhood; Birth in Bangui, in Central African Republic, from a Congolese mother (DRC) and a father from the Central African Republic, who came from Guinea, Conakry.


A long history that does not stop anything. And above all not to this Centro-Congolo-Guinean to give body and soul to its passion, fashion with its extension as a photography model and now as responsible of the Foundation I Dreamed.

Indeed, soon to be 33 years old, this young child born in Bangui that her family has made to walk according to the circumstances of Guinea Conakry, France, Belgium, through England till created the « Foundation I Dreamed » Structure designed to offer a little smile to the little children left in Africa with a first implantation and activity in the heart of Bangui.

A dive into the dusty colours of Bangui prey to almost permanent insecurity. Raised in the traditional Malinke culture by the paternal family for whom it was « important for a woman to ambition the life of a couple », Zainab Djiwo Mansary is interested at first very early in modelling. But she was told that she was a rogue, and in 2004, She overwhelming passion prompted her to open her first shop in Mouscron, Belgium.

« As my parents were reluctant to go into modelling, this shop was for me a way to satisfy my passion’’. In the absence of training in the field, the apprentice model maker then opts for modelling after the Death of her father. Released it marched for the first time in front of a general public.

Her presence and her ease on the podiums will allow her several times, subsequently – sometimes naive – to sign his presence several performances.

The young Zainab Djiwo Mansary, who witnessed all the shocks that struck the Central African Republic, particularly the chaos after the Sekela elements seized power, decided to return to her birth country in 2013, not to do morals, nor to pretend to explain but helped as a citizen to devote her time and energy to the cause of abandoned and vulnerable children.

They would be hundreds to experience hunger, violence, prostitution on the streets of Bangui the coquette. A task she will carry out thanks to her elegant words and her pugnacity, without forgetting the partners such as the French Embassy in Bangui, W.H.O, I.P.H.D, Triangle, Embassy of the United States, IMC, SFCG. She does not hope to fix the situation of these children.

She just hopes to occupy them, trying to make them think of other things by inculcating solidarity and sharing, determination and rigor. Now we must reconcile the two; Or at least run its foundation, because the needs are enormous. 00236 75 76 17 96

Liz Ellens